Minitab 19 Latest Features

Whats new in Minitab 19?

A more intuitive interface compared to Minitab 18

The Minitab environment was improved to make results creation, navigation and management easier and faster than in previous versions.

Simple and unified Output Pane

The Output pane contains statistical and graphical results, replacing the Session window of previous releases. Graphs that are created with a command are displayed with the results, rather than a separate window as in previous releases. Each command will have its own page, making it easier to find and interact with results. Output contains the name of the worksheet at the top (in this view, Beltwear):

Improve Navigator

The Navigator contains all command output and is shown by default. It can be toggled on/off on the left side of the status bar (across the bottom of the application) and through the View menu. The drop-down menu allows you to sort and group by worksheet

Split View: Comparing Minitab Results

Easily compare results by right mouse clicking on an item in the navigator and open in split view

Much needed Tabbed Worksheets

In Minitab, all data resides in worksheets. In Minitab 19, worksheets now reside in tabs along the bottom of the application. The view can be toggled on/off using the right side of the status bar or using the View menu.

Worksheet Information is located under the Data menu or if you right mouse click the worksheet tab.

Simplified Menus/Toolbars

The Editor, Tools and Window menus were removed. Functionality was rearranged to improve discoverability and usability.

Additional features in File menu additions:

Each of these are now located under File menu:

Related Documents
Manage Profiles
File Security
Run an Exec

The View menu has been added:

Toolbars, Zoom and Customize functionality now reside in the View menu.

The Status Bar at the bottom of the application makes it easy to toggle views of the Navigator (left), Output Pane & Worksheets view, Worksheets only view or Output only view. Zoom for output is also easier.

Command Line/History

The Release 19 Command Line/History pane replaces the Release 18 Command Line, Command Line Editor and History window. View-Command Line/History

Additional Statistical Features

Design of Experiments: Analyze Binary Response

Analyze binary responses is now available in the Screening, Factorial and Response Surface platforms. A major advantage is that it will allow for joint optimization of continuous and binary responses.

Quality Tools: Normal Capability Analysis

The Normal Capability Analysis commands (Normal, Between/Within, Multiple Variables (Normal) have had the following updates:

  1. Provide Upper Confidence Limits in addition to Lower Confidence Limits of Cpm.
  2. Provide Confidence intervals for Expected Overall PPM < LSL, PPM > USL, PPM Total.
  3. Provide Confidence intervals for Expected Within PPM < LSL, PPM > USL, PPM Total (For CAPA and MCAPA commands only).
  4. Provide Confidence intervals for Expected B/W PPM < LSL, PPM > USL, PPM Total (For BWCAPA and MCAPA commands only).
  5. Allowed Two-sided and One-sided options for Confidence Intervals.
  6. Added a global option to display PPM or Percent, and to display confidence intervals.

Dialog changes

In the File-Options sub dialog, the options for Confidence intervals changed from Two-sided, Lower Bound, Upper Bound to One-sided (default) and Two-sided.


Provide modern criterion (AICc and BIC) to reduce models
Using p-values as stopping rules for forward selection, backward elimination, and stepwise model selection is losing favor in the statistical community. Criterion-based methods, such as minimizing AICc or BIC have become standard both in academia and in practice.

Regression: Add Pareto Chart to Fit Regression Model

A Pareto plot of effects has been added to Regression and made accessible through the Graphs sub dialog.
Basic Statistics: Correlation now includes matrix plot to visualize data

Now available in 64 bit

Minitab 19.1 is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions

File extensions/Backwards compatibility

  • Minitab 19 projects now have the .mpx extension, Minitab 19 worksheets have a .mwx extension.
  • Minitab 19 can open Minitab 16, Minitab 17 and Minitab 18 projects.
  • Minitab 19 can open Minitab 16, Minitab 17 and Minitab 18 worksheets.
  • Minitab 19 worksheets can be saved as .xlsx, .xls, .xml, text (ANSI), text (Unicode), text (UTF-8), CSV(ANSI), CSV(Unicode) and CSV(UTF-8).

No longer supported

The ReportPad functionality is no longer supported. Send to Word allows users to create a report, which can be saved and defined as a related document.