Minitab 19 Price

NOTE:  This page refers to Minitab 19, which was the earlier version. For pricing of the latest version, please refer Minitab 21 Price in India.

Minitab price in Indian is dynamic, and based on INR to USD conversion rate, product licence options, and number of licences. Please note:  The below mentioned information is for reference only, and the exact price may differ significantly from the price listed here.

We also offer special offers to corporate clients, and free bundled offers to individual buyers.  For details contact us.

Licensing OptionsValidityLicences / UsersApprox Price
Minitab 19 Single UserPerpetual1₹ 229433 + 18% GST
Request Corporate Offer
Minitab 19 Single User1 Year1₹ 110044 + 18% GST
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Minitab 19 Multi User
(Concurrent Seats)
1 Year5 or moreRequest Quote
Minitab 19 Multi User
(Concurrent Seats)
3 Years5 or moreRequest Quote
Minitab 19 Multi User
(Concurrent Seats)
Perpetual5 or moreRequest Quote
Training + Minitab 19 single user1 Year1Request Quote
Minitab 19 SUITE AcademicPerpetual5Request Quote
Minitab 19 OthersOthersRequest Quote

Minitab 19 Product Options

Following Minitab product licencing options are available:

Minitab 19 Single user Licence

This is a one time licence purchase option, and the license is valid over lifetime. Upgrades released by Minitab can be availed by paying the upgrade fee.

Minitab 19 Annual Multi user Licence

This is the most popular option among organizations with multiple Minitab users. Minitab can be installed in unlimited number of computers, and simultaneously only a certain number of users can use Minitab.

  • Any upgrade released by Minitab during the licence period is available for free up-gradation.
  • Licence admin can either split the number of licences to different groups or teams, or keep them as a single pool.
  • Users can temporarily borrow licences for off-network or off line usage, and then return the licence back to the pool.
  • This being an annual licence, will need annual renewal.

Annual Multi User + Quality Trainer

Quality Trainer is a great e-learning tool to learn basic statistical concepts and its application using Minitab. Adding Quality Trainer to Minitab multi-user allows all users of Minitab within an organisation to subscribe to the e-learning modules, and learn at their own pace.

Minitab 19 SUITE for Academic usage

Minitab SUITE includes Minitab 18 and Minitab Express. Minitab SUITE is heavily subsidized for Academic organizations.

Minitab Full-Service Reseller

We are a full-service reseller of Minitab in India, Nepal and Srilanka. You can buy Minitab software license, as well as avail our host of free and paid support and services around Minitab like:

  • Free Minitab multi-user server license manager installation guidance
  • E-learning courses and free certificate exams on Minitab Proficiency for Six Sigma when you buy Minitab from us.
  • Onsite training for Minitab 18 and Companion by Minitab
  • Statistical problem solving and consulting using Minitab